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Jack Hawley, Ph.D., is a consultant and writer as well as a student, teacher, and lecturer of the infusion of new energy, heart, and spirit into everyday life. He founded Team Climate Associates, a consortium of consultants in effective work environment, and is currently the president of John A. Hawley Associates consultants in organization respiriting.

Prior to consulting, Jack Hawley spent ten years as an executive in the high-technology and service industries. His graduate work was done at Cornell University in Industrial and Labor Relations, and at Columbia Pacific University. He holds a doctoral in organization behavior and has taught part time at several universities including Cornell, University of California, Pepperdine, and the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning in Puttaparthi, India.

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In the late ‘70s Jack’s search for new approaches to individual and organizational transformation took him to India to study with the famed spiritual teacher and holy man Sathya Sai Baba. The one-month trip grew into a deep, lasting relationship with Eastern wisdom. 

For decades, Jack and his wife Louise spent half of each year in an ashram (spiritual learning community) in rural southern India and the other half bringing these teachings to organizational executives and others throughout the rest of the world. This requires stepping from a dusty little town in India to the large cities around the world, stepping from the hut to the boardroom from sandals to polished shoes – a continuing leap from the thicket into the thick of it.

Why India? It’s an important part of the leap. India bequeaths the priceless gift of more time and space. It opens the door to a vast storehouse of jewel insights and ancient/new ideas. It offers a quieter, simpler life with time for burrowing into crucial matters like spirituality and character in daily living—done in an atmosphere saturated with learning, dedicated to applying that learning in daily life.

All of Jack Hawley’s books have grown out of this grand spiritual adventure in India, often called the world’s spiritual capital. He is quick to say, “I don’t have a missionary bone in my body. I’m a bringer of helpful ideas.”

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Jack and Louise Hawley

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