14 Questions for Jack Hawley

Interview conducted with Jack Hawley by the Light of Wisdom magazine.

LW:  Dr. Hawley, what do you mean when you say “I don’t have a missionary bone in my body. I’m a bringer of helpful ideas”?

JH: That I have no need to convince anybody of anything. As the old aphorism goes, “I have no ax to grind.”  I am not a salesman for any set of beliefs. I’m not “on the make,” as they say. I do, however, revere truth. I love kindness, fairness and justice between human beings, and I greatly value peace of mind. I’m certain that many of these principles from ancient India would be good for Westerners to know, and this knowing would be good for the whole world as well. Indeed, the only way to peace of mind—and peace in the outer world—is spirituality. That is the great gift of spirituality.

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