Dharmic Management Interview with Jack Hawley

Interview conducted on the topic of Dharmic Management with Jack Hawley by the Quantum 21 Magazine.

Q: Dr. Hawley, can you please briefly explain to our readers what the term “spirituality” means?

A: Spirituality is one of those broadly used words with too many meanings. As used in management and leadership, spirituality refers to the things that matter most to us in life: happiness, peace of mind, purpose, meaning, and a regard for others brought to the level of reverence. It also refers to Dharma, a Sanskrit term for high integrity and good character—the powerful idea that we can actually live by our own inner truth—even when we go to work!

To be spiritual is to be interested in the non-worldly side of our lives—to concern ourselves, even at work, with important issues that are beyond the physical body and world of matter—such as living a kinder, more graceful and honest life. A spiritual person longs for something more, for a world with more truth and compassion in it.

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